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About Me.

Tamanna Ramesh, MS, MBA


Hi, I'm Tamanna, Founder/Career Coach at Spark Career Services!


Over the past decade, I've embarked on almost five distinct career pivots—from product developer to process engineer to business strategist to becoming a career coach and a small business owner—collecting a diverse range of experiences. These experiences, coupled with my education, have equipped me for future cross-functional pivots. I currently work as a Senior Manager of Innovation and Programs at The Coca-Cola Company. I see my career as an exciting journey of exploration and a representation of endless possibilities.

In my career journey, I've actively tackled significant career challenges, including immigration, mental health, and equity.  I've passionately championed diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts. I've advocated for R&D career pathways, mental health awareness, and spearheaded programs that promote employee engagement because, to me, people's growth and well-being matters the most. I'm committed to driving positive changes by transforming mindsets and policies to address systemic issues in workplaces while equipping my clients with the tools, resources, and motivation to overcome their unique career challenges. Over the past 5 years, I've served as the Chair of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)'s  Women's Resource Group (founded), Product Development Division (3000+ members), and Southeastern Section (550+ members), where I leveraged my leadership and organizational skills to serve the professional community. These experiences have given me clarity of my core values--service, community, leadership, growth and impact.


My strengths lie in my deep commitment to lifelong learning and growing, community building, and consistent showing up. My goal is not only to create unique paths in my own journey but also to enable career advancement of my clients through Spark Career Services.  I'm genuinely looking forward to being part of your career journey, supporting your aspirations, and helping you overcome unique career hurdles and challenges you may have. I'm challenging myself to take on more public speaking opportunities to share personal reflections and lessons as an immigrant woman and career coach on DEIB, creative career pathing, and professional development. 

So, how can I help you?

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